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Wombo Make Your Selfies Have you ever wondered how the mighty Mango perform their amazing dance.

When they perform their Zenese in a video of their own self-made Wombo Make You Selfie dance

Most of us have probably not given it a second thought, much less, searched to see if we could do the same. But,

what is a Wombo Make You Selfie?

And why has it become such a phenomenon This article will look at both and more to give you a better understanding.

Wombo is a dance form that originated in Zambia in the early 1990s.

How To Use Wombo Make Your Selfies App

Today it has transcended into many cultures, including those of street performers in cities around the world.

How To Download Wombo Make Your Selfies App

The show received rave reviews and the dancers gained considerable popularity,

especiallywhen they gained the rights to hold their own reality show, Wombago!

Now, the most famous of all Wombo are those that are able to ‘selfie’ by using a special camera and a mobile phone.

This allows the ones to ‘selfie’ their audience and virtually ‘go inside’ their audience.

Wombo Make Your Selfies

These combos are becoming a popular method of entertainment at parties,

raves and social events, and in many cases at photo contests and corporate events.

This has sparked a craze for Wombo and many people have started collecting them.

In fact, when I went to the gym one morning, there were two girls there that had a Wombo on their phones.

They were talking to each other and showing off the picture on the screen.

I have personally seen pictures of these Wombo posted online and.There is even a website dedicated to Wombo.

where people can get involved and communicate with fellow Wombo from all over the world.

Download App

A good way to start out is to upload a picture of yourself wearing a Wombo and then comment,

I’dlike to trade Wombo with you. Once you have made


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