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New WhatsApp Amazing Tricks 2021

Whatsapp New Amazing Tricks, The Whatsapp app is packed with amazing tricks and features that will make your messages even more personal and interesting. Here are some of the best ones that will help you get the most out of WhatsApp.

The first one lets you send a voice message. You simply have to raise your finger and a voice message will be sent. The second one is much simpler. You can record a message and send it to several people at once.

The third trick enables you to see who reads a group text. To do this, you must open the widgets on your home screen and tap nfo. Next, you have to disable media downloads and disable the Last seen function.

This will save your mobile data and let you read pending messages without sending a read receipt. You can also use this trick to see who’s read a group text without changing your status.

You can change the font in your messages by clicking on the three vertical dots. Once you’ve selected a font, you can begin typing your message.

Then, you can choose a different colour for your text. The last trick is to change the phone number. It’s easy to do – just type in the phone number you want to change and hit the reply button. Then, you can select the font style and size that you’d like to use.

To highlight a past message, simply press and hold the apostrophe. Then, simply select a text in the message you’d like to reply to.

Then, type in the text you’d like to reply to.

The recipient will see the same format as you did when you replied to them. By doing this, you’ll also be able to format the text with bold, italics, and other styles.

Now You can format your messages with your favorite fonts. You can bold, italicize, and strikethrough text. You can even use markdown formatting in WhatsApp.

This means you can format the text you’ve written with a different color than the rest of the text.

You can also add a table of contents to make the messages look better. It’s not always easy to use all the features of WhatsApp, but there are some amazing tricks you can try to make your messaging experience more efficient.

You can record long audio messages on WhatsApp using the microphone button. This trick lets you record a long audio message without the use of a microphone.

You just have to slide your finger toward the lock symbol until you see the recording option. Once you’ve finished recording, simply open the renamed folder to keep the audio and video hidden.

This is a great feature for people who often have long voice messages. Just remember to record the messages in the most appropriate location.

If you’re using a smartphone with a microphone, you can use it to send a voice message to a contact. Then, you can also use the microphone to record your message even if you’re in a group. You can record a long audio message by tapping the mic button and holding it down.

This will allow you to record your voice without holding your phone. If you’re using an Android phone, you can lock your microphone by swiping up the microphone button.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world. It’s not only used for communication, but it has heaps of other useful features that will make your conversations even more enjoyable.

Just like Facebook, you can even use it to make a phone call with a friend. By using the mute feature, you can also turn off chatty group conversations.

This is a great trick for WhatsApp users who are constantly on the go.

The second Whatsapp Amazing Trick involves changing the chat wallpaper.

You can set a solid color wallpaper, or choose an image from your photo gallery. Then, you can make your profile photo appear as a background.

You can do this for any number of friends. You can also make the background of your chat window transparent.

This way, you can listen to the messages you want while you’re on the go. The third trick is to lock your voice note.

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