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Translator All Text And Voice Translator TranitTranslate texts, news, voice and web pages into more than 100 languages1

Trinit is a powerful translation application that supports Hindi translation and more than 100 translations in other local languages.

Google Translator or Yandex Translator does not need to open a browser and does not have to pay for an hourly translation server as an all-in-one online translation application.

It is an essential translator for anyone traveling, doing business and learning with rich translation features including screen translation, voice translation, file translation, webpage translation.

Awesome features
All Suitable for all languages

Tranid is an expert in local Indian translation, allowing him to translate from English to Hindi (Karna Hai to translate from Hindi to English), to translate from English to Malayalam, from English to Punjabi, from English to Marathi and from English to Tekulu and orthographic translation. From English to Tamil.

Meanwhile, other world languages ​​are supported, including English translations from Japanese, English to Turkish translations, and English to Korean translations.

Translation Voice Translator: Speak and translate by voice
The translation application allows users to speak and translate text (voice typing). The automatic voice translator recognizes the user’s voice input quickly and accurately, translates it directly into the language you set, and reads the translation result aloud from the text through the speech process.

All language voice translators support English voice translation into Hindi, English to Urdu voice translation, Hindi to Kannada voice translation, Hindi to Telugu voice translation

English to Hindi voice translator

Hindi to Malayalam Voice Translator and translation of all other languages ​​will help you to speak freely with foreign speakers and break language barriers

Screen translator
Translation of the floating ball

Drag the translation floating ball to any text you want to translate in any application or webpage and the target translation will be displayed in a second.

Double-click the floating ball to enable the “Translate All” function in the automatic screen translator and enjoy the smooth translation of the page.

Camera translator / image text translator

With the Smart OCR function, you can translate any text directly without entering the text using your mobile camera.
Any text in all file and image formats can be automatically detected and translated.

Transla Text Translator / Chat Translator

When chatting with your friends using a variety of social applications, Tranit allows you to quickly translate text from bubbles and input boxes, thus streamlining your interactions with foreign language friends.

Bubble Text Translator:

Drag the floating ball to the chat bubbles or paragraph of the text.

Input box translation:

Drag and drop the floating ball into the text in the input box, it will translate.

Clipboard Text Translation:

Click the floating ball to copy and translate the text

Translation Screen translator
Do you use

Use Facebook / Instagram Twitter / Messenger to chat with others on Facebook / Instagram for social media, or you access a page in the browser, Transit allows you to instantly translate foreign languages ​​into your target language without switching to translation apps.

Translation File Translator

All file formats are supported, including WordDoc, PDF and DXT files, and other file formats such as XLS and RDF.

Translation A collection of translation results

Bookmark your translation results and review them anytime, anywhere.
This way, you can try to learn a foreign language and use Tranit as your online dictionary.


Trinit will intelligently detect your source language and automatically translate text and words into the language you need.


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