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Anyone can easily personalize photos with carefully selected music and effects. You can make amazing music videos without being an expert.

Get ready to surprise your friends and enjoy the endless fun of creation.Excellent properties

Stylish video effects
Decorate your photos with various dynamic glitter effects.
Convert your normal photos into animated videos.

Background music
An extensive library of background music to choose from.
Endless inspiration and creativity

Sound wave effects
The classification of wave effects is up to you with one click.Get inspired by these stylish effects.

Quick storage and sharing Save your chart.Share on social media in seconds.Cut music videos and effect filters to add music to magic beauty videos

Magic Beauty Video Effect – Video Editor, Music, Effect is a powerful beauty video editor with amazing video effects and Magic Beauty video themes and music for Magic Video Lively videos and effects as well as filters, stickers and editing tools .

The fire effect for your video is the same as the flower effect and the bubble beauty effect. Create a video effect with beauty magic for your video and make videos more popular.

Magic Beauty Video Plus – Video Editor, Music, Effect is a great video maker for you. You will never miss the magic video effect. Magic Beauty Video is a beauty video maker with video effects that can add videos to music.

You can also customize the video and music to your liking. Create videos on Instagram and Facebook and WhatsApp and Twitter and share magical beauty videos.

Magic Beauty Video Plus – Video Editor, Music, Beauty Effects Awesome filters provide funny stickers, useful editing and classical music for your video.

Apply magical video effects, filters, music, text, and stickers. With Magic Video Plus you get perfect videos.

Main Features of Feat —🔥

Add Beauty Magic Magic video effect to your video. Magic Touch to add video effects and themes.Pop music for you. Choose your favorite music and cut it for video.Touch stickers on videos.

Create a square video with a colored background and a blurred background
Multiply the proportions 1: 1 4: 5、5 4、4: 3、3: 4

Great filters for your video
Edit your video: cut the length of the video you want.Customize video playback Share Magic Beauty videos on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Magic Video Plus – Video Editor and Music Effect is a powerful video maker that can add music to videos by touching the magic effect of your video.

At the same time, you can use Magic Video Plus – Video Editor music effect filters to provide effect stickers.


Be very popular with Magic Video Creator and instantly share Beauty Magic videos on Instagram and Facebook Twitter.

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