Symptoms of brain tumors in dogs

Brain tumors in dogs are some of the most difficult things for pet owners to spot.

This is because some of the first signs of a brain tumor are simply not seen because they are so subtle.

Yet, like all animals and even people, brain tumors do develop throughout most species of dogs.

Brain tumors are a mass of tissue that is made up of millions of abnormal cells.

They can be malignant brain tumors, which mean that they are cancerous or they can be benign brain tumors with no cancer cells in them.

In both cases, they do threaten the life of the dog and therefore do need to be given proper treatment as soon as possible.

Spotting Potential Problems

As the pet owner, you are more likely to be able to spot the problems and symptoms of brain tumors in your pet,

long before the vet can, simply because you know the animal better.

A brain tumor symptom will be different from one dog to the next, and many times, the dogs are unable to express what they are feeling.

Therefore, it becomes up to you to determine if the pet may be suffering. Some symptoms of brain tumors in dogs include:

A change in their gait, or the way in which they walk,

legs weaker and may have more difficulty jumping up or climbing down on stairs, couches or other areas.

They may be slower in walking and even fall as they try to walk.

A change in their personality is another sign of brain tumor potential.

This may include an animal that becomes very aggressive with no tendencies in the past, or he may become very docile.

Some become obsessive over different things and some will develop a compulsion such as eating or barking

Mental function may drop too, which means that they may no longer recognize your voice and they may become lost more easily even within their own home.

Changes in daily life such as having more housebreaking accidents or having a reduced appetite are also signs of a brain tumor.

Some dogs can even lose their sight, or not be able to smell any longer.

One of the things that many dogs do communicate is the brain tumor pain they feel.

To communicate this to their owner they generally will whimper or whine.

They may yelp as well. In any of these situations, you should consider providing your pet with a visit to their vet who will,

have a better opportunity to test them and find out if they could be suffering from a brain tumor.

Brain tumor treatment can only be done on an individual basis.

Some pets can be treated through chemotherapy and radiation while others need surgery.

In many cases, the tumor will be inoperable which means that doctors can not remove it.

And therefore the pet’s only available treatment will be to slow down the growth of the tumor.

Many times, the expense of these treatments is also high, which may lead to a decision needing to be made.

The causes of brain tumor situations like this are not known,

but through the diagnosis of their pet’s problem, many times there can be rapid improvement in the pet.

Whenever treatment is available, it can help to restore the quality of life the pet has if the procedure is done in time.

And You can provide a complete removal of the tumor from the dog’s body. Notice the signs of a brain tumor.


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