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Hello Friends Welcome Back iam your Host Technical Shahab So Today i will tell you about Story Saver For Facebook

Story Saver For Facebook Video Image Utility Image The image should be a video image and a static position

The story of the corporate story from the All Story Saver to the Instagram Hostshop. Save stories directly to your device.

Quickly download and download Saver Saver 2020 usage history. Instagram Companies On and Off!

Saver Saver: The Story Downloader is an app that can be elaborated, making it an unusual, unusual and unusual part of history.

Instagram Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Enter WhatsApp story. A table with a fast, free and easy program? Story Server looks good to you!

Saver Saver is 100% free

Keep your photos, videos and your age straight. This is found in the Android Phone Saver Story Store Saver Story app. WhatsApp, Application Application Server, Server Application Server

Our app is for users who don’t need your story. WTSP, Insta and FB
This is the version of this type of application and is mentioned below. Download Android

Using The Nation 2020 Guard

1- Download the Play Store app
2-All apps have some days to use this app
3- Go to Saver Saver 2020 and touch a picture or video
4- Enter your space for download

Use the Story Saver feature for Facebook:

1) Open the same Story Saver application.
2) Open your Facebook history.
3) Confirm your identity. (100%)
4) You moved here … (Before Change! History of Fb).

– View stories anonymously.
– Use FB Lite with video download functionality.

– Save and save anonymous stories
– Good and Scientific User Interface
– Use articles

Featuresand utilities of Story Server on Instagram:

1) Open the same Story Saver application.
2) Open the “History” section on Instagram.
3) Confirm your identity. (100%)
4) Go here (Kamna Kamna! This story is your promotion).

– Save and save anonymous stories
– Use insights with archive functionality.
– Save stories, posts, videos and photos

from IGDv from Instagram
– Get bad hashtag titles.
– Share your story.
– Protector of the History of Light.

WhatsApp functions and status services:

– Use:
1) Open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business and All.
2) I haven’t seen the story service fight day app.
3) Open the WhatsApp or WhatsApp corporate section.
4) You moved here … (Before Change! History of Fb).

WhatsApp and apps have status.
– Don’t leave the room.
– Quick and easy positioning
– Integrated viewer and video player.
– Easy!


1. Can’t reload pictures / video stories, just listen.

2. The Facebook app does not recognize Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
3. A solution to this problem is included during the recovery.

See the address below for the Saver Saver 2020 application procedure.


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