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PT Tracker Get specific information about each cell phone number.

PT Tracker . Get specific information about each cell phone number.


It appears after the disappearance of the Android mobile device.

Through the Mobile Tracker application:

Mobile application for Android applications,

* If the Android phone is stolen / lost and the phone has a new SIM card, this Android Tracker Mobile application automatically sends emails and SMS messages with specific information about the SIM card.

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* Enter your family / friend’s email address and mobile phone number into the app. Then the email and notification email and SMS and email number are sent to the app.

The IMEI number is in the SMS details of the SMS service provider. If you need a password to open the app, you can increase security.

Android mobile follower activity:

* Prevent theft of cell phones by email
Protection against theft of cell phones by SMS
* Users can see their current location and address

* Users can click anywhere on the map and find the location in our app
* International search engine
* Reset app password

Use the steps:

* Step 1: save or update your email address.

* Step 2: Enter the contact phone number and click save to keep the phone number of the app

* Step 3: go to the support option and get our support if necessary.

Is that how it works

If the phone is stolen / lost and a new SIM card is inserted in the phone, the application will automatically start sending and sending the details of the email and the new SMS of the SIM card.

When you receive an email or SMS, you can keep track of your SIM serial number and your phone report.

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* Find the cell phone number in the monitoring process of this cell phone provider.

* Provide complete information on each cell phone number and service provider.
* You can check the number of your mobile apartment on the map

Current location address function:

* The Mobile Tracker app for Android can display and distribute current location information by address.


* Click anywhere and search the Mobile Tracking app for a location address with specific latitude and longitude information.

Participate in the theft of cell phones:

* Go to this option in the Mobile Monitoring app and click OK to get the details of the email location if the device has been dropped / stolen.


If you need help / advice, click on the “Support” link under “Support Options” and ask your question. We will attend you soon.


* App Tracker Mobile password protected. Other users cannot see or use user information in this application



* The Mobile Tracker application uses permissions to use the phone number of the device to read the status of the phone, access current information on the cellular network and use the list of phone accounts registered on the device.

All this information is contained in automated emails and SMS. This information cannot be used for other fines.

The Mobile Tracker app uses permissions to access thin and durable permissions, so the app can access the approximate and exact location on Google Maps. This app does not use location information for any other purpose.

The Mobile Tracker application has minimal permissions for many functions. Thanks for using our app.



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