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NewPipe Apk The latest version of the new pipeline supports multiple downloads with different records. The smallest version of this app allows you to keep your device free of memory. NewPipe Apk

New Pipe

Latest version

.19.1 01.04.20 

Old  Version
3.9 m

New pipe display

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Newpipe apk

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Download video and audio

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Newbip is a YouTube client that does not use the Google Framework or YouTube API-based library.

This app is only for YouTube Analytics to get the information you need. This means that the app can be used on any device that does not have Google services installed.

NewPipe Letest Version Download

But the best part of Newbip is that you can’t use it without Google services, that’s all. Small size (only 2MB) and other functions like playing videos or downloading videos and playing in the background. In fact, you can download videos or audio.

In the New Pipe Configuration option, you can choose your desired resolution (360b by default). You can also attach an external audio or video player to play your videos.

You can choose which directories you want to store all downloaded audio and video files. Another interesting option is to force all traffic through the door.

NewPipe Apk Download Letest Version

New Pipe is an exceptional YouTube client that allows you to download YouTube videos in full privacy. The best part is that you listen to background music and practice what you can with official clients.

New Pipe Apk Download

You can now watch YouTube videos with the new Pipe app.

The new Pipe app does not use any Google Library. It is a free, lightweight, open source software application. It does not use the official YouTube API. So, you don’t need a YouTube account to use this app.

The most interesting thing is that this youtube video can be downloaded without permission without permission. Basically, this application will collect the URL of the YT website and display it on the request form.

New pipe features.

This application works without the services of Google Play.
Set and change the value of the video player.
Video and audio can be downloaded at different resolutions.

You can play videos in the background.
For multitasking, you can play videos as pop-ups.
How to download and install it?

Enable unknown sources. Go to Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources.
Download the new tube from the download link above.
Install on your device and enter the world without ads.

What if the application doesn’t work?

If the app works on your phone, you need to remove and paste the application data to fix it. If you want to reduce the load time, you can connect to Google Open DNS.

If you change DNS, you can download the DNS conversion app from the Google Play Store.

Main Features

Extended Privacy
Background Player
Popup Player

Add more themes to improve visual access.
Make the download folder’s configuration language more consistent and unambiguous.

Watch Video

Additionally, you can view everything online without facing advertising. Remember, always try to download the latest videos.

Newpipe Apk



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