Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Program

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Several Pakistani governments have largely neglected the housing sector.

Although it attracted the attention of the political leadership, it never went beyond simple political slogans.

Although some government-level work has been carried out, it goes beyond certain requirements and arguments and has not even been put on a card table.

Pakistan currently has a drinking water burden of 11 to 12 million households. The urban housing shortage is estimated at around 4 million.

Pakistan’s urban population makes up one third of the total population and is expected to reach 50% by 2050.


The largest part of the urban housing stock is in the population groups with low and middle incomes.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Program

On the sales side, the home development industry is actively involved in the provision of units for the middle and upper middle part of the population.

Those under the Pyramid (BdP), estimated at 20% of the total population, often live in illegal settlements, slums and slums (Kachchi Abadis).

Housing for the lower middle and lower segment is often referred to as social housing, while the housing market is known for the upper middle and lower part of the population.

One of the main features of Naya Pakistan is the improvement of living conditions for Pakistanis. There are more than 10 million housing shortages, and this structure is added every year.

This government wants to promote access to housing for the Pakistani people and stimulate the housing sector.

The main features of this house make it affordable for people: Increase purchasing power by offering long-term loans with a term of fifteen to twenty years.

Reduce the start-up costs of the builders by giving the builders only minimal time for plots, permits and infrastructure for buildings before starting construction.

The main purpose of the program is to grant the developers project lending, so that they can complete the housing construction program in the shortest possible time

Naya Ghar Naya Pakistan

Whichimproves the return on their investment and at the same time shortens the investment time. Total cost for the end consumer.

According to the above criteria, the costs are expected to be 15 to 20% below the current market price, and we will increase the number of home buyers in the first three years by long-term loans by 100%.

The current situation is that about half a million people can buy houses and flats every year.

The initiative contributes to securing 10 million jobs in these households, and 3 million households in the next five years. Every house works.

20 jobs per year means 60 million additional years of work 12 million jobs per year in unskilled, skilled and skilled sectors as well as 1 to 1.5 million jobs in related business and service sectors.

This initiative is expected to double the capacity of all construction-related industries.

Meezan Bank 

Bank Alhabib Bank

The initiative also offers services in the areas of banking, security, maintenance and insurance. This means one to three hundred thousand jobs.


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