My School in Saudi Arabia – Learning About Society There

My School in Saudi Arabia is a place where I could learn and enjoy almost every single thing that I like.

It is also a school where I could make friends along the way.My classmates and I grew up in different cities and we all sort of made friends in the school.

During my elementary and middle school years, we all went on a lot of field trips together to various places in the world.

However, one special trip that we never missed out on was visiting our school in Saudi Arabia.

My School in Saudi Arabia

This experience has forever remained in my mind and memory as a very memorable school year.

I think back upon those times when I was a little kid in a very small town in Minnesota and I would really get excited just thinking about getting to go on vacation and enjoy it.

My classmates and I did a lot of research and planning in order to make sure that this would be a once in a lifetime kind of trip.

school in Saudi Arabia.

That’s exactly what we were able to do. I remember thinking how great it would be to work in a hotel in Saudi Arabia, or to cook delicious meals for the guests that would be staying there.

Also, I was really excited to visit their beautiful camel safaris and to have a chance to see their people.These were all things that I could relate to and enjoy very much.

The people of Saudi Arabia were very welcoming to American tourists like myself.

This was a very good thing because I can say that I got to know a lot of the other students and teachers during my time there.

In addition to that, they treated all of us very well and treated us like family.My classmates and I were able to make new friends, and also friends of family.

My School in Saudi Arabia My School

One thing that I loved about the school in Saudi Arabia that I would be telling everyone about is that there were a lot of sports that we could participate in.

We were also allowed to enjoy all of the sports that our country used to have. Sports were a big deal back then and our team even won the championship once.

That was something that I will never forget. My School

I was also able to spend my time playing baseball and football in the Al-Jade Mosque.

This was a very big deal for me because I am a huge fan of both sports.

Being able to see one of my favorite sports played in one of the most beautiful settings was something that I will always remember and cherish.

I cannot say that I would have ever seen this place without spending time there.

While I was in school in Saudi, I did not only stay updated with what was happening in my country but I kept up with what was going on all over the world.

The Internet would let me stay updated on a variety of things including sports, politics, new cultures and everything else that happened around the globe.

My classmates and I kept in touch via email and we shared a lot of funny and interesting stories about life.

One of the coolest parts of school in Saudi Arabia was that I was given a chance to work in the construction field.

actually got to construct an office building. It was great having a part in such a major project.

The construction project was eventually completed and it is now one of the best offices in the area.

Although the school I worked at in Saudi Arabia did not allow me to apply for a job right away, I was able to go to graduate school there eventually.

I am very happy with the way that it turned out for me and I am very grateful.


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