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Most Popular Drama Pakistani movie theatres are showing the movie “Islamabad Bazaar”, a super hit comedy film.

This movie has set the bar high for all Pakistani and Hollywood movies to follow in the coming days.

The movie has no shortage of adventure, action, comedy and much more. It is also sure to be on top of the box office charts in India as well.

So what’s so good about” Islamabad Bazaar”? Let me share some interesting points with you about the movie.

The story: The movie begins with the central character Baba (Hamzhan Azam) going on a personal loss leave to Pakistan.


He takes a chance of travelling to India to see his family who are residing there. While going there, he also plans to meet his old friend Mika (Sara Gulzar).

However, he is stopped at the airport by the customs who suspect him of involvement in terrorist activities.

To save his life the hero embarks on a race against time to travel back to India and deliver the news to his family. Most Popular Drama

Haaz vs. Al Alami: The movie revolves around the rivalry between the two cities of Rawal and Islamabad.

Rawal is the fictional city located in the Punjab province of India, while Al-Alami is the capital city of Pakistan. Both these cities wage war against each other for domination of the Punjab province.

Haaz is an orphan and doesn’t have any close relatives. He is studying medicine but finds out that he can’t perform surgery because of his inability to read and write.

To compensate for this, he enrolls himself into the University of Pakistan where he meets Mika, a brilliant girl from a poor background who is studying to become a doctor.


The chemistry between the two: Haaz quickly realizes that Mika is the daughter of his idol Dr. Farooq Butt. He later on learns that Dr.

Butt had performed brain surgery on her in order to give her a beautiful mind and a beautiful personality. Mika’s father then sends her to live with him in Pakistan so as to cure her illness.

Mika’s loyalty to her father drives her to work hard in order to prove to him that she is a good doctor who is worthy of a great prize that his clinic won in a competition organized by Dr. Butt.

This story is based on a true story that happened in Pakistan. It depicts the pains and joys of a hero and his relationship with a woman who changed his life. This movie is also known as Haaz vs. Alami.

Aab Zala (TV Series): This movie is based on the life of a famous television personality Aab Saeed.

The story begins when he is young and he starts working as a barber in Karachi. Later he becomes a popular and famous show boy who goes on TV shows and makes people laugh.

Eventually his popularity grows and he ends up getting a record deal that makes him famous all over the country.



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