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Make Sad Whatsapp Status Video in 5 Minutes

Make Sad Whatsapp Sad whatsapp status is one of the best ways to let your friends and family know how you are doing.

When you receive a sad status update on your mobile phone, its very easy to miss it until you log into your Kine Master account and check.

You will see that it’s actually a video and not text, which make viewing it very easy. It also allows other users to see it too.

That way they can share it with their Facebook friends or other contacts to help them get a clearer idea of what is going on.

First, set up your Kine Master account. This will be necessary if you want to be able to view your Sad whatsapp status updates.

Make Sad Whatsapp Status Video in Kinemaster

There are a few different ways that you can do this. The first is to go to the settings and then click on “user management.”

Here you will be able to enter your user name and password and get your account set up.

Second, go to “sent messages” and click on the option that says “chat with friends.”

Here you will be able to send and receive message from anyone on the platform. If you have ever sent a message to a friend on Facebook before, this is the easiest way to get started.

You will simply use the same email address that you used to register for the application.

Whatsapp Status Videos Make In Five Minute

Third, you will want to create a new profile that says something like “My friend Alex from Harvard said…to do” or something similar.

This will allow you to let your friends get to know you a little bit and get to know what your interests are.

You can then get a private message that only your close friends will be able to see. They will also be able to comment on your status.

The last step is to go to the upload page of your Sad whatsapp status and upload your video.

You will need to provide a URL for your video so that viewers can click on it and see it.

Once your video has been uploaded you will be all set! Just wait for your friends to see the video and comment on it.

You never know,they might start talking about you and request a video of themselves as well.sending a sad status is easy if you know how to do it.

By allowing your status to sit idle for several days without being seen will only cause you to be depressed even more.

Instead, upload a funny video of yourself to make people laugh and get to know you a little bit better.

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Soon enough you will find that you are happier than ever.


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