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LTE Converter 3G To 4G Download Best-App

Enjoy LTE and VoLTE in your 3G to 4G converter

This system can support 3G devices with 4G speeds in several ways.
This application converts VoLTE into LTE devices and 3G phones in 4G.
This application allows you to use LTE networks with 3G devices, but it seems you can find several ways.

Change from 3G to 4G and connect to an optimal network connection

With 4G LTE, you can change your network to 4G / 3G / 2G and remain in the chosen network.
TA-DA can automatically change from 3G to 4G.

If you need free 4G data transfer and 3G payment, prepare an LTE network.
This is LTE on all phones. That depends on the brand or part of the custom ROM phone.

Switch between 3G and 4G networks, cell phone and SIM data, speed tests and data usage

Most devices automatically switch from 3G to 4G when 4G is available. Some devices must be reconfigured to find a 4G network.

With this application, you can manually choose your favorite network (2G, 3G or 4G) with several palettes.

3G to 4G LTE applications have very good functions.

Get information about your device and SIM. B. SIM operator name, SIM number, IMEI number, model name, Android version, phone resolution, API status, hardware and brand information.

LTE can replace cellular networks and easily switch between 3G and 4G
After going to the Edit Network page in Phone Settings.

Data usage
Write down the amount of data you use during the day. The ability to accurately detect data usage has seen the use of mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Internet speed check: check the download speed before uploading your phone to the Internet. You can check your mobile data and Wi-Fi internet speed. You can also get the results of the latest tests.

Additional characteristics:
Use the user interface that is easy to use.
the light
This application is completely free and does not require purchase

3G 4G | Update to mobile data with Internet speed tests, SIM cards, WiFi and Bluetooth

If 4G coverage is not provided, all smart devices can switch to 2G or 3G network mode. However, the problem is that the device does not automatically switch to 4G LTE mode even when 4G coverage is available. This application is illustrated here.

This application allows you to manually select and edit the selected networks with one click. More importantly, the 4G Switcher application is free.

The 4G Switcher application has superior features.

The 3G-4G converter has many features. This application includes the following features:

IM number B. The device receives information (phone) such as IMEI, model name, Android operating system name, telephone solution, API status, hardware and brand information.

You will get the following information from the SIM card: P. SIM number, ISO country, SIM operator code and operator name.

Here you will find detailed information about WLAN connections, such as connection speed, frequency, IP address, netmask, RSSI, MAC address, SSID.

Move your cellular network: Convert your cellular network from 3G to 4G and from 4G to 3G with one click. The transition from 3G to 4G is done directly next to where you can adjust the network settings.

Cell Phone Tracking: Enter 10-digit phone numbers for cell phone numbers in India and get country, location and network information.

Internet speed test: determine the download speed and upload your mobile to the Internet. You can check your mobile data and Wi-Fi internet speed. Free internet speedometer.

Why convert 3G to 4G LTE
Size The size of the APK is small.

Free application, it is not necessary to buy an application!


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