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Hello Friends today iam going to tell you about hide blue tick last seen and read deleted Messages

WhatsApp FB is not displayed when reading the chat message. No blue tag, last seen

Delete WhatsApp messages from your friends
The application saves the “deleted messages” of WhatsApp transmissions.

Would you like to read email without knowing others Then this application is for you.
Blue Ice Reed Hider makes it easy, safe and fast.

This application is designed for chat applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and displays the messages received from one of the applications. You can read messages from this application without opening the chat program. Easy!
Hide the blue controls or read the downloads or read the status of various chat programs.

The main function of this project:
-> The application is compatible with WhatsApp (double blue hidden confirmation and last general description), Telegraph (hidden blue logo), Facebook Messenger (without message reading flag), point to point (without reading messages).
-> Read the message deleted by the sender
-> Always keep a list of identifiers for read and unread messages.
-> Includes individual and group discussions for WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook.
-> WhatsApp response function
-> List of images, videos, voice and voice memos for compatible applications (for example, WhatsApp, Telegram). (Requires automatic media download for the application)

-> Smart application.
-> Ability to enable / disable the chat program dialog of your choice.
-> User interface and fluid component.
-> No steps are required to block the Internet connection.
-> Location location support.
Have fun reading these messages in advance to prepare your answers. The application provides an interface for the message list for each conversation.
Read all the news in silence and prepare for the situation. No one knows when you read the email.

You can read messages from an invisible reader and open a conversation plan only when you are ready to respond. No blue indicator, no control reading, no final display, no read status.
Shut up;)

The screen has no end, there is no double blue check and there is no final reading.

If others don’t want to read your message, keep it: Blue D or Last Eye for you!

Maintain privacy on social networks and talk about this fantastic application. You can read the message or access the dialing and confirmation without sending a blue signal without activating all the main messaging applications.

At last! No invoice, verification tag, double blue sign or last access!

The Blue Hyde-Last Sign tag is very easy to use: if you receive these messages from a program, the Blue Hyde-Last Sign tag is placed on the Blue Hyde-Last Sign tag. You can read here for free, you don’t know any friends.

It is not necessary to cancel the Internet connection or enable offline mode:
Hidden: the latest blue watch has an attractive design and an easy to use interface; This allows you to easily access your messages and sort them by message.

Here are some fantastic features of Secret Blue Gossip or Final Look:

Please read about your donation.
– Without blue dot, the last popular speech.
– Ignore and read obese speakers.
– Enjoy photos, videos and audio without worrying about checking the blue
– Now you can also hide your personal photos and videos
– Hide photos and videos of the outside world.

All trademarks shown in this application are the property of their respective owners.

None of these company icons appear in the application.


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