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Texting Fun Free With this guide, you can send unlimited calls and text messages via WiFi or mobile data. Send and invite friends and family to stay in touch wherever you are!. Texting Fun Free

Use “US Text Phone” to get the original personal phone number in “US Toll Free”.

Texting Fun Free

By turning tablets and other devices into mobile phones, you can easily get a second number without another SIM card. Choose one for work and one for the family.

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This way you can keep your current EE number. United States
You can choose some calling and messaging apps that you can use
The registration system is quick and easy and protects your privacy.

Texting Fun Free

International connection to the Super Protector of all the numbers in the world

The main functions of the text phone.

Your second phone number
America, please give me a new American phone number! !

Text calls can be the second number on your phone!
Asnjo mobile phone without plan, unlimited calls!
Number: with this number you can send SMS and call someone.
Anyone can make national and international calls without a mobile data plan, including free Wi-Fi calls.

Unlimited SMS

SMS all mobile numbers
Save both locally and abroad and send short messages
Choose from the funniest emojis to choose from

International call

No expensive roaming charges
Local You can enter a local number or an interesting text number on another group of phones.

Texting Fun Free

Call from the tablet

Use an Android tablet to invite friends and family and send short messages.
Connect to Wi-Fi to send text messages and make calls
Send a second number to your phone number and call the toll free number.

With free invitations and text messages, we will continue to work on changing the text requirements to suit your needs. Write to us or ask questions / suggestions / greetings of the questions.

We can’t wait to hear from you. If you want a function of a text phone, please vote in our Play Store. Tell your friends that you like text calls.

If you use asymmetric soft drinks like alcohol, follow the wrong call …

The program not only copies the inbox, but also sends messages, error messages and error messages that will be sent in a timely manner to solve the problem of duplicate messages. You have to escape from a difficult situation.

This application is free

-The program name has been changed to an unauthorized “help call”.

Texting Fun Free

– Simulation: missed call (incoming call, outgoing call, missed call):
+ Set screens for different phone lines: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, …

It is constantly updated to adapt to the user’s needs.
+ Invalid call information ordered: name, phone number, photo, ringtone,

+ Choose incorrect call information from contacts.
Choose characters for a fake personality / call: girl, friend, pizza, …
+ Record a word or select an available word to try calling again

+ Schedule timely duplicate calls.
+ Set the vibration mode, ringtone and play time to repeat the call.
Bad news (mailboxes, cells, articles, errors, etc.):

+ Request duplicate emails: name, phone number, email content
Select incorrect information for your contacts.

+ Select the mailbox file to manage: mailbox, send, error, copy, activate, …
Set the time for fake news.



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