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Facebook Likes & Fallowers Apk Download Best-App

Hello Friends today iam going to tell you about Facebook New App

Find the right one for you

Welcome to your Facebook App! We’ve updated the event app to help you find places and activities recommended by your favorite and trusted friends.

If you are spending the weekend with new friends or neighbors, keep an eye on events in this country.



* See the latest events, events and locations to stay updated with the following events and locations.
* Find events and activities in your area with interactive maps and filters based on time, type and location.

* Get advice on what your friends like, places you have visited in the past, sites you like and the guides we choose.
* Choose if you want to add a calendar to your mobile to show all your packages in one place.
* Allows you to receive notifications of upcoming events to see if details have changed.

Latest news

* Ability to find opportunities, places and activities in the area or cities, towns or other environments.
Learn the types of events, places and objects on a category basis.
* Viewing invitations for events will not be answered at the top of the calendar.
* Find a list of local events and recommended places in the big cities.

Manage Facebook

Through the use of Facebook, companies can maintain ad performance regardless of location. With sophisticated mobile tools, you can easily create and follow Facebook ads on your mobile device.

Create ads: Use photos and videos from your device library to post on Facebook, Instagram, and public networks, or reuse existing ones with the same copy.

Edit Your Campaign: Edit Your Creativity, Text, Guides, Forms and Budgets, and Plan Project Activities on Mobile Devices

Performance Measurement: See the effectiveness of your ad and compare five ads at a time.

Stay in control: Manage your account settings and manage your expenses directly from your mobile device.

Easy navigation: Easily switch between pages or ad accounts.

Comments and suggestions. Get ad performance ads, weekly newsletters and suggestions to improve your performance in a timely manner.

A Complete and Easy Facebook Client.

Swift for Facebook Lite is a simple, easy, customizable and full-featured alternative to Facebook Lite and Messenger, which lets you chat with friends on Facebook, make calls, play video and emoji calls, videos, photos, gifts, news, reviews. Protect your privacy.

There is no battery or very little memory
– Facebook Light Swift requires less memory after installation, compared to hundreds of megabytes of official applications.
– Optimized background link on Facebook server
– Swift on Facebook Lite does not require more than 20 MB of RAM
– Provides simplified formatting on Facebook
– Default Messenger exists. You can invite your friends to post a message on Facebook. No need for 2 separate apps!

Respect your privacy
– Access your free profile immediately and use it to chat with your Facebook account (we don’t need this information, but Facebook has identified it).
Simple: Move some permissions to Facebook Lite
– See Privacy Policy at the end of this page for more information.

Smart is very smart and easy to use
– Use Facebook Lite and Messenger in a small application
– Switch to Facebook Lite integrated with Facebook Notification Server. We are sure there is no news.

Compatible with previous versions of Android
You can download photos and videos from Facebook with Swift for Facebook Lite


Video and voice calls to friends on Facebook (for Android 5+)


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