Ertughal Ghazi A Royal True Story Of The World

Ertughal Ghazi A Royal True Story Ertughal Ghazi is a drama about two cousins who are torn apart when their home is attacked by the terrorists.

This drama is a gem and everyone who sees it will want to watch the rest of it.

Ertughal Ghazi Drama All Episodes

The play has been made available through a national theatre company called “Nishchitar”.

The play is scheduled for performance at the Ghazi Theater in Lahore.

However, this is not a standard show. This is a special feature of the theatre. You must make the effort to see this play.

The story of the drama is set in 15th century and is based on the life of the legendary warrior princess Firdah.

Firdah was very popular among the Muslims and she was treated like a queen. Her beauty and skills have now been immortalized by the play’s directors.

The drama is about her struggle with the cruelty of the cruel Mujtaris.

Ertughal Ghazi A Royal True Story 2021

The play is about a beautiful young girl who has come from Qusayr to the court of the Mughal King. The people there treat her as a queen and even marry her.

But when her groom discovers her beauty and intellect, he starts to have second thoughts about marriage.

He has to decide between giving up his lovely wife and his sweetheart or ruining his family.

The play has some real good one liners that help you forget about the time period and the place where you are sitting.

The story of the play has many twists and turns that keep you thinking and guessing.

Ertughal Ghazi A Royal True Story Kurlus Usman

The play has so many levels as well. It is full of beautiful scenes, which keep you engrossed in the play till the end.

Ertughal Ghazi is not only a great drama but also an excellent example of how the art of theatre can be blended with the beautiful tradition of the royal courts of the age.

The drama has received many awards and praise and is a perfect example of how drama can be adapted to modern times and still make people sit up and take notice.

The play is definitely not for the squeamish. You do not need a lot of imagination to know what happens in the play.

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All you need to do is to get a feel of the story and the direction the director plans to take the drama.


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