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DataEye Letest Version Apk Download

The best way to store and manage data and batteries and access free data is with DataEye

DataEye saves battery and cell data so you can manage cell traffic and find the latest offers. Application control based on data usage means that there are no hidden costs or background traffic for large amounts of data. Enjoy the best mobile applications and websites with confidence.

1) Extraordinary access: by offering special offers for the most common applications, we save data and mobile money.

2) Know where the data is: You have the right to know how the data is used so you can see the application with the application. This saves more data and mobile costs.

3) Battery life test: see the mobile battery for unwanted background data. By being responsible for the use of data, we can significantly extend the battery life of your mobile phone.

4) GLOBAL GO: data is not local data, so we encourage mobile data management and even roaming.

Explore the world of free data applications with DataEye and finally observe your use of mobile data!

* We are trying to integrate many mobile operators with appointments. In the meantime, your wireless service provider may not offer this service, but DataEye will be happy to store cellular data and extend battery life.

Data and data usage controllers, 4G data recovery program. Cellular data analyzer 2019

Data protection program: data manager and data usage applications

Have you ever been worried about cellular data analysts or cellular data administrators? With our data protection program, you can now monitor free data usage and save your mobile data. The intelligent data storage mode allows you to store more and control its use with the 4G data storage application.

Why did you choose our data management application?

DatenEasy data management: with this function you can see the date of use of the application. If you do not control the use of data, you can block the data application. Real-time monitoring and data management.
Super data storage mode: cellular data can be stored and expanded by controlling and limiting data. Plan more time with cellular data.
⭐ Don’t worry about packaging restrictions: you can watch many movies, listen to music online or connect online without having to worry about using mobile data.
Bubble The Bubble track allows you to see how much data is used.
Data limits: monthly or daily data limits can be set
Install and use 4G Data Tracker and free data storage
The data extension application is very powerful, fast and fluid.

Download the Mobile Saver application now and experience the wonderful things that application data administrators offer. Browse the web online without worrying about storing and using data.

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Use data for cellular network (2G, 3G, LTE, roaming) and wireless traffic

Avoid unnecessary costs: there are no wireless service providers that offer unlimited data usage. This application can save you money. Cellular Counter is the best data counter to monitor and measure your Internet traffic. The best and easiest way to evaluate data usage. Cellular Counter is compatible with all suppliers and operators worldwide.
Practical solution for a limited amount of data. Data packets can be measured.
The data counter is the ideal solution for using Internet data for cellular and WiFi connections. This allows you to control the amount of data used and remaining during the current billing cycle.

The cell counter shows the current data usage percentage as a percentage in the progress bar. See the daily use of monthly data.


This application can control the Internet speed of cellular and radio connections.


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