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Create stunning photos with blurred background effects, such as professional DSLR cameras.

? Auto Background Blur is a simple and easy-to-use application that helps you create beautiful background effects.

?The Smart Focus Area application will specify the focus area automatically.
Use background blur effects to create dozens of blur effects.

J Setup: Use this image editor to adjust the capture intensity or use the sharpness of motion to adjust the capture intensity and make the image more blurry.
?When creating very realistic blur effects with different aperture modes (such as a DSLR)
You can use bokeh and overflow effects (snow, feathers, etc.) to improve snow background lighting.

There are many tools to blur and blur in portraits. This facilitates the creation of its own bokeh effect.

?Background Blur Background is an opaque image editor used to blur the background of an image. Use the blur editor or blur editor in the blur editor to blur unwanted parts of the image,

Look at the bottom of the DS DSLR photos. Make the photo look like a dark SLR camera. Background blur is a blur image editor used to blur the background of an image. Use the Blur image editor or the Blur image editor in the Blur image editor to blur unwanted parts of the image.

?The best blur effect is to use the bokeh effect. You don’t need a DSLR or you need to be a professional photographer to create a DSLR-style background effect in your photos.

Ki Effect The dim light effect of a DSLR camera is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. It’s great to create photos that are central to Africa, focus photos, blurry backgrounds, blurry images, blurry images!

?Auto Background Blur is a very easy application to create beautiful and opaque backgrounds, such as DSLR cameras.

CL special function:
The photos will automatically find people in the image and blur the background.
• DSLR camera effects designed with bokeh effects

Identify people with autofocus correctly
Blur the background of the image with a DSLR Effect of professional DSLR cameras with autofocus
The magic beauty of 1 1 1 makes you beautiful

? High quality dimmer with Int density control function for deep blur
• Professional portrait editing tools. Take beautiful portraits from the camera.
NS lens, adjust and increase image depth with autofocus Realistic camera effect

?Blur the background. Blur your images. You can create DSLR effects as before.

Or portraits, portraits, portraits:
Blur, blurred background, high quality photo editor, vertical blur application, portraits using simple and unique photos Vertical photos or vertical photos are photos of someone. One-touch advanced portrait camera

? Photo Blur has an autofocus system that allows users to delete objects in the image and focus on people.


Auto focuses on people and the background will automatically blur


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