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App Cloner Apk App For Android Letest Version Download

App Cloner Apk App The Clone app works in parallel with its original apps and works independently.

They do not receive automatic updates, so they can maintain and run the standard version with the original application.

Cloning programs can come in handy for using multiple logins at once in apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but running the app starts the real fun.

App Cloner Apk Download For Android

App Cloner offers numerous editing options to edit new copies of the application.

You can change the name and icon of the application. You can remove permissions or allow cloned apps to be placed on the SD card.

The automatic start and restart modules can be disabled or installed in a floating window application.

The app cloner can enhance a cloned app by adding features like password protection, camouflage browsing mode, Android ID, or phishing location.

The application can only be forced to consume data via WiFi.

How To Download App Cloner App

There are over 200 app customization options, and more will be added with each update.
Premium Edition Features
The free version allows basic cloning. Premium upgrade to enjoy the full set of premium options:

Cloning of premium premium apps (Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, duplicate GPS app, UK, parallel location etc.)

Create multiple app sources and use volume cloning
Save / backup / clone apps
Replace front icons

Identification and monitoring options:

Change or hide Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Mac
Change Google Advertising ID and Google Service Configuration ID (GSF)
Change agent using Ve Webview
Hide WiFi information, hide SIM and operator information.

Distort parts of the building to avoid fingerprints on the device.

App-based features like Google signatures, Google Play services, Google Play games, Google Drive backup, or in-app purchases won’t work!

Cloning an application will change its certificate, which means that the clone will not work if the application collects the certificate or uses advanced copy protection.

How To Use App Cloner Apk

Use the “Publication Request Statement” to report problems with the cloned request.

To install clones from your device, you need to enable Settings> Security> Unknown sources. If the install button is disabled or not selected, temporarily disable individual apps like chat, blue light filters, or mobile widgets.

You can enable the application clone to fully automate the installation of the application (see Settings).

Antivirus programs will display alerts for cloned applications. These warnings are false positives and can be avoided. This is due to the official certification used to sign the clones.

The premium version supports 20 clones. You can help create and open 1000 clone subscriptions.

Many intervention options and features are associated with grants (see details). All grants require a premium version.

Big grants are not small grants. Application clones can be purchased and distributed among ten devices.

Download the Cloner App Apk Best App

Includes a premium subscription equivalent to App Cloner 2.0 Premium, but includes new premium mode options added to App Cloner 2.0 and later versions.

The purchase is valid throughout the year and will not be automatically renewed.

Download App

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