2nd Line Second Phone Number for Text & Calls

Add a second phone number as your daily line for unlimited calls and text messages.

The second is the phone number
On the second line, enter the second phone number as the registration line on your smartphone so that you can send and receive SMS messages for your personal and personal work.

you can easily communicate with family, colleagues, or customers without buying a second phone or adding a second SIM card.

When you need to talk to someone next time, but don’t want to share real phone numbers, remember that you can get one of the second phone numbers in the app – second line.

You can answer unlimited calls and text messages in just a few steps.

Share life and actions
The second rule is to separate your work from your personal life by adding a local phone number followed by a burner line. You can keep your personal phone number.

confidential by calling the helpline to find out how to respond when someone calls or calls a customer.

Unlimited text messages and calls
Get a second phone number from the Second Line Android app, send unlimited text messages and calls from anywhere in the world, and your cellular data is 99.99 per month or other second line users absolutely free.

This is cheaper than a normal phone.
The second phone line (local and international) uses special technology to maintain high sound quality and is much cheaper than usual.

You can set up a second private phone line in just a few steps. Download a little and save the dataset.

Use in many cases
Have you ever worried about this situation I want to give your phone number, right  problem but don’t want to leave your personal number If your answer is yes, then you are not alone.

Many of us are more interested in this topic. On line 2, you can give a second phone number to solve the problem. No personal phone numbers were revealed, and there were no problems or difficulties. You can save or save at any time.

Great features starting at 99,999.99 / month:

– Unlimited calls and SMS: unlimited calls and SMS. United States and Canada
– Premium call: enhance your clear sound quality experience
– Private voicemail:

Subscribe to private voicemail to send messages to callers
– Stop spam: stop spam all at once
Share: send your phone directly to any number in a few steps.

Call log – record incoming and outgoing calls while maintaining sound quality
Free experience: enjoy unlimited calls and SMS without worrying about advertising

The second line is free to download and contains millions of local phone numbers. You can choose the features you want and use all the above features for 99.99 per month.

Make sure it is debited from your Google account after purchase. If the renewal is not automatically removed 24 hours before the end of the current period, the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each period.

Account renewal fees are calculated within 24 hours of the current period and renewal fees are charged. You can disable automatic renewal at any time in your Google account settings,


But you cannot restore unused parts of the word.


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